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is the former Mortgage Development Manager at Golden Gate Financial and currently is the Mortgage Development Manager at VERICO C.O.D. Financial Services Inc (Lic# 10311).

He is registered with Ontario Ministry of Finance (Licence#: M08009380), and he is also a member of CAAMP (Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals).

Rob has many years of experience in Mortgage and Financial Industry.  He also works with private and public financial institutions to offer the best possible rates for his clients such as New Immigrants, Bankrupts, No-Credit, Bad-Credit, Self-employed & etc.

He offers Business Loans, Personal Loans & Line of Credit and Insurance Services for those who qualify through public and private financial institutions and lenders.

Company Profile VERICO C.O.D. Financial Services Inc.

VERICO C.O.D. Financial Services provides a full-range of mortgage and financial services to individuals and companies with highest professionalism in mind. Our services include traditional and non-traditional mortgage financing, investment plans of all types, advancement of commission services for Realtors, financial planning services, debt management and consolidation services.

Our team consists of mortgage specialists to provide you with the best personal services to suit your needs.

Our competitive rates and timely approvals will complete your financial needs and give you a secure feeling with your mortgage decision.

As your mortgage consultant, Rob has access to over 40+ financial institutions and lenders throughout Canada with large capitals to fit your needs, such as:

  • debt consolidation
  • self-employed/non-income qualifiers
  • poor credit
  • new immigrants
  • equity takeouts
  • CMHC (Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corp) and GE insurance
  • secured line of credit

We are looking forward to serve you one-on-one and solve your financial issues as quickly as possible. Our philosophy is to design a mortgage tailor-made to fit your needs.

Why should you use a Mortgage Broker?
  1. Mortgage Brokers have access to a multitude of mortgage lending institutions and investors to assist in arranging the financing required.
  2. Mortgage Brokers have access to equity-oriented investors who may assist in your financing needs, even if you do not qualify for traditional institutional financing.
  3. Most banks like to deal with good credit applicants and reject the applicants who are new immigrants, refugees, bad credit, no credit , self-employed and previously bankrupt mortgage or loan applicants.  Unlike your bank, we can offer our services to all of the above applicants.
  4. Most of our services are free for applicants who qualify.
  5. Unlike a bank mortgage officer who is protecting bank's interest, we are protecting your best interest because YOU ARE our client!
What can a Mortgage Broker do for you as a borrower?
  1. Discounted rate on Prime Residential without brokers fee*.
  2. Prime Residential / Commercial Financing at best available rates and prepayment privileges.
  3. Mortgages arranged for borrowers who don't quite fit traditional lending criteria.
  4. Industrial / Commercial Financing at competitive rates.
  5. In many cases, faster mortgage approvals are needed for properties with multiple offers.  We can get pre-approvals in matter of hours for most qualified clients.
  6. Construction Financing, Bridge Loans, Small Business Loans.
  7. Purchases, refinances, equity take outs, debt consolidation, investment financing, lines of credit.

How safe is to use a Mortgage Broker?

  1. All Mortgage Brokers in the province of Ontario are required to register and are monitored by the Ministry of Finance.
  2. Make sure your broker is a member of CIMBL (Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers & Lenders) this will ensure your broker is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards across the industry.
  3. All your personal information is protected by privacy laws and similar to your lawyer, a professional broker will protect your best interest and your personal information. 


Mortgage Agent Lic#: M08009380)
Direct Line

Head Office:

VERICO COD Financial Services Inc. (Lic# 10311)

1945 Leslie St.
Toronto, ON   M3B 2M3

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